Bayesian Force inference


In the course of animal development, the shape of tissue emerges in part from mechanical and biochemical interactions between cells. Quantification of force and stress is therefore necessary to unveil novel physical principles involved in regulation of morphogenesis.

Various in vivo mechanical measurement methods have been developed. In particular, laser ablation of individual cell junctions is used as a tool to evaluate the tension acting on a cell contact surface. Such measurements have shed light on how cell shape and rearrangement are regulated by the activity and/or localization of force-generating molecular machinery within a cell.

A new complementary approach to such subcellular and invasive measurements is force inference from cell shapes and connectivity. It is non-invasive and can provide space-time maps of stress in a whole tissue, unlike existing methods. We have shown that inferred force and stress values are consistent with those obtained using other methods, such as laser ablation of cortical actin cables, quantification of myosin concentration and photo-elasticity, and large-scale tissue ablation. Further, comparative tests of three force inference methods proved that our Bayesian force inference performs best in terms of accuracy and robustness. The global and noninvasive nature of the Bayesian force-inference method uniquely enables us to relate space-time maps of force/stress in tissue to morphogenesis and multi-cellular pattern formation.




1. Single cell resolution
2. > 10,000 cells
3. Non–invasive
4. Model–free


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